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To use our web site you will need to create an account. You can do so by visiting this page.


Once your account is created you can begin your shopping experience. The navigation at the top will quickly take you to the department of choice.

Browsing The Store

When your in your chosen department you can browse through our products, which are separated by categories. The categories are listed to the left of the store.

Perhaps you will prefer to shop by a specific brand. This is also listed just under our categories.

And if you already know what you want. Use our search box to the top of the website to quickly jump to your product.

Your Cart

Once you find what you're looking for, and you're ready to make a purchase, click on the Add to Cart button. This will store products in your personal shopping cart. To view your shopping cart, click on the cart icon located to the top of the website.

Now that your products are in your cart and you're ready to place your order, go ahead and click on the checkout button located at the bottom of your cart page or in the top navigation.

Checking Out

On the checkout page, you will see a summary of all the items you're about to order as well as a couple form fields that we require in order to process your order. You cannot proceed with the order unless these fields are filled

Finally, simply review everything, and if it all checks out, click on submit order and thats it! We will contact you with your order information and stock availability.

Happy Shopping and Safe Travels,
TWEE Staff

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